New On-line Backflow Management and Facility Inspection System

Introducing a new Backflow Prevention management system! This platform provides the versatility to be used for cross connection control (CCC) program management and digital facility inspections. This system is ideal for municipal applications or for independent contractor’s conducting CCC inspections. With over 10 years of Backflow Prevention software design experience, our new online version is a product of a combined 25 years of field and program management expertise providing a multi-purpose system designed to manage cross connection control data and administration.

  1. CCC Facility Inspections:

    This system was developed and is supported in house by several of our seasoned CCC Facility Inspectors / Program Managers. The platform is used t o digitally capture the inspection information during cross connection surveys / field assessments using hand held devices such as Ipad / Itouch / Iphone and several smart phones. This system has been used to perform thousands of facility assessments and has been managing numerous municipal CCC Programs since 2005.
  2. CCC Program Management:

    The software provides a complete CCC program management system including: facility inspection reports, facility compliancy, backflow preventer inventory, testing history, customer notifications, correspondence and conversation tracking etc.

These two components (desktop and handheld) used together provide the most efficient cross connection control management system on the market and is invaluable for liability risk management.

Program Support (Optional):

MTS’s specialists can monitor your CCC program activities from the background and assist as/when required, support can include: data entry, BFP test due processing/printing/mailing, responding to customer enquiry’s etc., we provide this service for many of our clients when the person responsible for the local program is unavailable or otherwise too busy to attend to the details. This service provides continuity and momentum for your CCC Program, contact our office for details.

In the Field Facility Inspections

Desktop Program Online Software

Manage Facility CCC Program Compliancy

Manage Annual Backflow Testing

Cross-connection program PDF reports

General Specifications:

Programs and Pricing

FAST Online Backflow Prevention Program Management System is available as a monthly or a discounted annual fee. Please contact us for pricing!

For an additional cost, MTS’ Cross Connection Control Program over-sight / support service provides the water supplier with expert program management assistance. This includes:

Website URLs:

PC/desktop client:

Mobile client:


Cross Connection Control Program Services

Additionally, we offer a complete range of Cross Connection Control Program services such as:

Our Cross Connection Control Specialists are seasoned program managers and industry leaders, leveraging our experience and in-house developed program management system, we are your cost effective Backflow prevention solution.
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