Training & Calendars

For over 20 years, MTS has been committed to providing the highest quality training available in the water and waste water industry including: municipal water & waste water operators, health authority officials, fire sprinkler & irrigation service providers, plumbing contractors, engineers, building officials and general maintenance personnel or administrators.

MTS endeavors to provide an interactive “hands-on” training delivery in addition to a fun class room environment. This methodology of training sets the stage for optimal retention. MTS provides a new and refreshing atmosphere to the training environment that is unique to MTS.

MTS Instructors are all subject matter experts and top industry professionals. We never substitute subject matter expertise for geographical convenience.

All relevant courses offered through MTS are CEU accredited through the EOCP. Additionally, most courses are CEU accredited by Alberta Environment.

MTS has a 95% course run rate. We are committed to provide training where and when scheduled.

Top 5 Reasons to Train with MTS

  1. Providing water and waste water training since 2001
  2. Purpose built facility emphasizing hands on training
  3. Subject expert trainers with years of experience in the utility industry
  4. CEU (Continuing Education Units) accredited
  5. Courses scheduled are courses run