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Waste Water Collection - Level 1-2 (7751)

Typical Course Length: 4.5 days

Course Times: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

CEUs: 2.7

Course Fee (incl. GST): $ 1164.45

This 4.5 day course provides the fundamentals for operating and maintaining collection systems efficiently and effectively. Also included are the basics of chemistry, biology, hydraulics and math for waste water collections operators. This also serves as a prep course for the EOCP certification exam for waste water collections level I and II. Topics Include:

1) Wastewater Collection Systems - Learn the different wastewater collection systems and characteristics

2) Lift Stations - Understanding what lift stations are and their roll in wastewater collection

3) Hydraulics & Mathematics concepts for Wastewater Collections - Grasp the mathematical & hydraulic concepts that pertain to wastewater

4) Operation and Maintenance of Equipment - Understanding the basics and importance of pumps, electricity and cleaning

5) Basic Biology and Chemistry for Wastewater Collections - Learn the basic biology and chemistry that is used in wastewater collection

6) Inspecting and Testing Collection Systems - To gain the knowledge about the different procedures for inspecting and testing collection systems


** Note: Environmental Operator Certification Program Certification Exams require separate application online and are to be completed through the EOCP Customer Relationship Management System at https://crm.eocp.ca/  and to be submitted no later than 16 business days prior to the posted date of the scheduled exam.


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