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Water and Wastewater Pump Operations & Maintenance <8243>.

Typical Course Length: 2 days

Course Times: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

CEUs: 1.2

This course is designed to assist field staff troubleshoot and repair water and sewer pumps. Hydraulics are introduced to assist with getting the best efficiency for the utility. At the end of the two day session the Pump Station Operator will have a better understanding of the importance of pump maintenance as it related to the operating expenses of the utility. The operator will also have the confidence to troubleshoot and tear down water and sewer pumps to perform basic repairs.

1.       Water Pump Fundamentals - Including wear rings and Impeller height settings

2.       Pump Cavitation and NPSH - Cavitation costs, modifying system parameters to resolve / minimize damage

3.       Pump Curves and Hydraulics - Includes affinity laws to begin the discussion on Variable frequency drives

4.       Sewer Pump Fundamentals including wire to water efficiency - Discuss true long term cost of ownership of various types of sewage pumps

5.       Pump rebuilding, bearing installation and troubleshooting - How to identify thrust direction and identify causes of bearing failure


6.       Pump alignment and next steps to increased efficiency - Alignment fundamentals, soft foot, base grouting, effects of piping strain

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