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Cross Connection Awareness <8035> - Confined Space Awareness <8039> - WHMIS.

Typical Course Length: 4 days

Course Times: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

CEUs: 1.8 + TBD

Cross Connection Awareness

This 1.5 day program covers pertinent aspects of cross connection control, referencing current manuals and standards. This session benefits those working in the water & waste water industry including management and health authority personnel. Agenda items include:

1. Causes of Backflow- Understanding the hydraulics of how backflow occurs

2. Health and Legal Aspects - Gain an appreciation for why backflow prevention is necessary

3. Hazard Classifications - Determining the hazard types and classifications of cross connections

4. Methods of Protection - Identify cross connections and methods of protection

5. Types of Backflow Preventers - Develop a basic knowledge of backflow preventer devices

6. Installation - Understanding the correct methods for proper installation of Devices

7. CCC Program Components - Understanding the program development resources available and required

Confined Space Awareness

This 1.5 day program is designed for utility operators, construction workers and anyone required to work in and around confined spaces. The session provides a review of confined space entry programs & procedures as listed in the WCB Regulations, as well as a demonstration of equipment and personal protective equipment. Agenda items include:


1. Definitions - To Comprehend CS terminology

2. General Responsibilities & Responsibilities - Understanding the basic requirements & responsibilities of a CS Program

3. CS Identification & Hazard Assessments - How to inventory CS & procedures for hazard assessments

4. Lockout and Isolation - Requirements & application of lockout & isolation procedures

5. Verification, Testing & Isolation - How to properly monitor, record & reduce atmospheric hazards

6. Standby Personnel & Rescue - Understanding standby responsibilities & Rescue procedures

7. Fall Protection & Personal Protection Equipment - Requirements for and use of equipment and PPE

8. CS Program Implementation & Manual - How to implement or update a CS Program


This is a 1 day program

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