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Confined Space Rescue - Operations Level <7661>.

Typical Course Length: 5 days

Course Times: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

CEUs: 2.7

This course is designed for operators and rescue personnel who may be required to work around or in confined spaces. In this five day course participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively coordinate, perform and supervise an operations level confined space incident. Concepts in incident command, rescue strategies and tactics, site management, team leadership, hazard mitigation, equipment management, advanced rescue techniques, rescue pre-planning, rescue scene management and termination will be explored and developed by the end of the course. The course meets the requirements of confined space rescue at an operations level.


Awareness section (one day);

  • standards and regulations
  • characteristics and typing of confined spaces
  • confined space hazards
  • lock out
  • atmospheric monitoring and detection

 Operations section (four days);

  • confined space entry equipment
  • ropes and knots
  • mechanical advantage systems
  • anchoring and rigging for confined spaces
  • ventilation for confined space
  • respiratory protection
  • safety and personal protective equipment
  • incident command systems
  • communications in confined spaces
  • confined space rescue patient packaging
  • confined space rescue internal rigging
  • due diligence and legal responsibilities for confined space rescue


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