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Waste Water Treatment - Level 2 <8084>

Typical Course Length: 4.5 days

Course Times: 8:00am to 4:30pm

CEUs: 2.7

Course Fee (incl. GST): $ 1132.95

This 4.5 day course provides WWT Level 1 operators with information needed in accordance with ABC Need-to-Know criteria. The course builds on knowledge and skills operators have, providing students with a deeper understanding of conventional activated sludge and solids processing found at larger municipal wastewater treatment plants. Each chapter covers calculations in detail.

Course topics include:

·         Wastewater characteristics

·         Preliminary treatment (screens and grit removal)

·         Primary treatment (sedimentation and floatation)

·         Trickling filters and rotating biological contactors

·         Activated sludge

·         Wastewater stabilization ponds               

·         Effluent disinfection, discharge and reuse

·         Sludge thickening & dewatering               

·         Sludge digestion and solids handling



** Note: Environmental Operator Certification Program Certification Exams require separate application online and are to be completed through the EOCP Customer Relationship Management System at https://crm.eocp.ca/  and to be submitted no later than 16 business days prior to the posted date of the scheduled exam.


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