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Jar Testing <7120>

Typical Course Length: 1 day

Course Times: 8:00am to 4:30pm

CEUs: 0.6

Course Fee (incl. GST): $ 378.00

This program is orientated for water and wastewater operators of treatment plants is mainly a hands-on laboratory style course. The shorter theory modules will help operators understand the basic chemistry concepts for coagulation and flocculation and the affects of pH on these processes and how to adjust it accordingly. This knowledge is then demonstrated by the operators in the lab with the Jar testing apparatus and all of the necessary equipment. Safety and math are covered as they apply to the particular subject. Topic include:

- Coagulation and Flocculation Theory

- Jar Testing Equipment and Safety 

- Jar Testing Lab Procedures 

- Math     

- Affects of pH on Coagulation and Flocculation

- pH Adjustment lab 

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