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Recertification for Backflow Assembly Testers <7119>

Typical Course Length: 2 days

Course Times: 8 to 4:30 then 8 to 11am

CEUs: 0.9

Course Fee (incl. GST): $ 590.10

This 9 hr Recertification program provides existing certified testers the opportunity to ensure they are up to date with the latest testing procedures, and are familiar with AWWA Canadian Cross Connection test requirements and plumbing codes. The course is followed by the Recertification written and practical exams. Topic & Objectives include:


  •            AWWA Canadian Tester Certification policies - Understand the current policies and how they apply
  •            AWWA Canadian Manual - Identify and review Key components of the manual
  •            Current Testing Procedures - Hone testing skills on the RPB, DCV, PVB and SVB
  •            New Test forms and common errors - Proper use of the BCWWA practical test form
  •            Review CSA B64 – Re-enforce the working knowledge of the key components and use of B64
  •            BC Plumbing / Building Code – Re-enforce a working knowledge of key components of these BC Codes
  •            Basic Troubleshooting Concepts - Be able to recognize common failures in BFPs
  •            Local Bylaws & other relevant news - Gain a working knowledge of the relationship between Codes and local bylaws


**NOTE: Registration for the exam is separate, please go to www.bcwwa.org to register for the exam (2 weeks prior to program)**

**AWWA Canadian Cross Connection Control Manual is "not" included in cost**


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