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Cross Connection Control Program Development & Maintenance <7149>

Typical Course Length: 1 day

Course Times: 8:00am to 4:30pm

CEUs: 0.6

Course Fee (incl. GST): $ 367.50

This 1 day session is beneficial to program managers and those responsible for operating existing backflow prevention programs. During the day we will review typical processes required to maintain an organized and proactive cross connection control program, for existing programs we cover the necessary components to establish and maintain momentum, our approach includes;

  • By-laws and policy review /development
  • Public relations programs
  • Assessment prioritization and customer connection type review
  • Administrative systems
  • Facility assessment and survey tracking (management)
  • Internal and external training and presentations
  • Group discussion regarding common industry challenges

Our goal is to reinforce proven procedures specifically tailored to promote client self-sufficiency to confidently manage their CCCP program in house.

For the utilities just starting a Backflow Prevention Program, MTS Provides Cross Connection Control Consulting services focused on the development and implementation of backflow prevention programs. MTS has developed a complete program template (sold separately) that provides a cost effective and easy way to implement a program.

Our Cross Connection Control Program Template includes;

  • Draft Bylaw & Policy
  • Procedures for:
    • Departmental responsibilities,
    • Emergency response for backflow incidences,
    • Record keeping,
    • Facility management,
    • Backflow preventer guidelines,
    • Bulletin development,
    • Fire hydrant policy,
    • Working alone program,
    • Forms and letters to customers,
  • Public education samples
  • Program references

Program implementation is a multi phase process and can reasonably be staged over 1 to 3 years; additional program budget consideration must be given to:

Public relations;

  • General program introduction via bill stuffers and newspaper adds
  • Industrial, Commercial and institutional customers by direct mail

Personnel training;

  • Backflow Preventer Testers Certification course pre requisite for program manager
  • Facility assessment training
  • Facility assessment & backflow preventer inventory tracking software

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