Company Profile

MTS Inc is an energetic and resourceful company providing Personnel Development & Consulting Services to the Municipal Utility Industry. With over 25 years experience, MTS offers quality, professional service enhanced by innovative technology.

Our approach focuses on the development of existing personnel, leveraging our training and program development experience. We use current industry practices combined with proven technology to enhance self-confidence and ultimately promote self-sufficiency.

Proven experience provides our clients the latest industry practices which focus on successor ship planning through the development of personnel via training and industry leading tools to enhance self-sufficiency.

Our program and course implementation enable the client to benefit from all aspects of our experience and knowledge in the fields of water system operations & maintenance, cross connection control and data management. MTS continuously researches our industry to maintain the latest relevant information. Our customers can depend on us for keeping up to date.

Our software development team is in the municipal industry, our programs reflect our industry experience and are designed to manage assets. Utilizing a handheld to PC conduit, our programs provide access to your data where you need it, whether you are in the field or office. The result, logical and user friendly software that eliminates duplication of data entry and enhances resource management.

We are located at 4500 29th Street, Vernon, BC, Canada | Call us at (250) 503-0893 |
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