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Registering an operator profile at MTS allows you to register for courses and view your past attendance. We do not sell your information to anyone and if you choose to recieve our emails you will be automatically included in our mail-outs for future courses that we think would be of interest to you. This helps you to keep your certifications current and assists with your continued education. Also, when you register for our courses in the future all that you will need to do is log in with your username and password! You will NOT need to re-enter all of your profile details.

Before You Begin!

MTS has imported many of the operators that have registered for previous courses. Enter your email address below to see if your profile already exists. If so, you will only need to verify your email address and an email will be sent to you with a temporary password allowing you to log in and register for courses without having to fill out the form below!

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The last step is to choose a username and password that you will use to log into this website.

You will be asked for this username and password when you return to our website to register for another course. You can also log in at any time to view the courses that you are currently registered in as well as past courses that you have already taken.

For greater security we recommend that you create a password with a combination of upper- and lower-case letters and at least 1 number. For convenience you can use your email address as your username.

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